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Are you looking for punishment quotes? Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old punishment quotes.

“A person who has been punished is not thereby simply less inclined to behave in a given way; at best, he learns how to avoid punishment.”
“If you’re going to do something wrong, do it big, because the punishment is the same either way.”

“In nature, there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences.”
“Capital punishment would be more effective as a preventive measure if it were administered prior to the crime.”
“One is absolutely sickened, not by the crimes that the wicked have committed, but by the punishments that the good have inflicted; and a community is infinitely more brutalized by the habitual employment of punishment than it is by the occasional occurrence of crime.”
Every night death came, slowly, painfully, and every morning Maddox awoke in bed, knowing he’d have to die again later. That was his greatest curse and his eternal punishment.”
“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

“It is an open question whether any behavior based on fear of eternal punishment can be regarded as ethical or should be regarded as merely cowardly.”
“Punishment is justice for the unjust.”
“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.”
“Young people don’t always do what they’re told, but if they can pull it off and do something wonderful, sometimes they escape punishment. ”


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“If he who breaks the law is not punished, he who obeys it is cheated. This, and this alone, is why lawbreakers ought to be punished: to authenticate as good, and to encourage as useful, law-abiding behavior. The aim of criminal law cannot be correction or deterrence; it can only be the maintenance of the legal order.”
“Punishment is the last and the least effective instrument in the hands of the legislator for the prevention of crime.”
“Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful.”


“Let us have compassion for those under chastisement. Alas, who are we ourselves? Who am I and who are you? Whence do we come and is it quite certain that we did nothing before we were born? This earth is not without some resemblance to a gaol. Who knows but that man is a victim of divine justice? Look closely at life. It is so constituted that one senses punishment everywhere.”
“The man who has a conscience suffers whilst acknowledging his sin. That is his punishment.”
“Criminals do not die by the hands of the law. They die by the hands of other men.”
“In its function, the power to punish is not essentially different from that of curing or educating.”

“The punishment of criminals should serve a purpose. When a man is hanged he is useless.”
“Any punishment that does not correct, that can merely rouse rebellion in whoever has to endure it, is a piece of gratuitous infamy which makes those who impose it more guilty in the eyes of humanity, good sense and reason, nay a hundred times more guilty than the victim on whom the punishment is inflicted.”
“Don’t let us rejoice in punishment, even when the hand of God alone inflicts it. The best of us are but poor wretches just saved from shipwreck. Can we feel anything but awe and pity when we see a fellow passenger swallowed by the waves?”
“Misbehavior and punishment are not opposites that cancel each other – on the contrary, they breed and reinforce each other.”

“I wanted to get away from there as quickly as possible. If that’s the punishment for a game-winning hit, I’ll take it. It’s a good feeling when everybody’s jumping down trying to hit you as hard as they can.”
“Just vengeance does not call for punishment.”
“Where did we ever get the crazy idea that in order to make children do better, first, we have to make them feel worse? Think of the last time you felt humiliated or treated unfairly. Did you feel like cooperating or doing better?”
“Love is not obedience, conformity, or submission. It is a counterfeit love that is contingent upon authority, punishment, or reward. True love is respect and admiration, compassion and kindness, freely given by a healthy, unafraid human being.”


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“I am the flail of god. Had you not created great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”
“That the saints may enjoy their beatitude and the grace of God more abundantly they are permitted to see the punishment of the damned in hell.”
“The existence of the soldier, next to capital punishment, is the most grievous vestige of barbarism which survives among men.”
“Punishments and rewards are two sides of the same coin and that coin doesn’t buy you much.”
“God’s creatures who cried themselves to sleep stirred to cry again.”

“But I knew if I ran I’d never be able to sing, so I had to take my punishment.”
“There is no person so severely punished, as those who subject themselves to the whip of their own remorse.”
“The whole value of solitude depends upon oneself; it may be a sanctuary or a prison, a haven of repose or a place of punishment, a heaven or a hell, as we ourselves make it.”
“It’s never been our policy to discuss any type of team punishment, … We’ve talked to Torrie and he knows exactly where he stands right now.”

“They have shrunk from inquiry, though they have strained after punishment. I have in every shape dared the one, that I might, so far as to lay in my power, be able to secure the other.”
“Whenever a human being, through the commission of a crime, has become exiled from good, he needs to be reintegrated with it through suffering. The suffering should be inflicted with the aim of bringing the soul to recognize freely someday that its infliction was just.”


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