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Smart Wish For You | Messages, Best Wishes and Quotes

Smart Wish For You | Messages, Best Wishes and Quotes

55 Christmas Wishes for Father


55 Christmas Wishes for Father

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Are you looking best Christmas wishes for your father? Here we have a collection of Christmas wishes for your dad. Your Merry Christmas Wishes for Father will never be enough to thank your dad for all he has done, but they can still help. With the perfect Merry Christmas Wishes for Father, you can show your dad how his time, love, and efforts made every holiday season memorable.

To my dear Father- The hush of winter is upon us. The reason for the miracle is here. Wishing you a blessed holiday and a happy new year.
Christmas is inadequate with your blessings, dad! Kindly favor me! Merry Christmas!
Every one of those years Santa has given me the Christmas present this year I expect my father will give me a grant Christmas Gift since you are the best father anyone can have. Merry Christmas To you!
Christmas Eve is a time for hanging up stockings by the fireplace and leaving on every light in the house. Christmas can really get expensive, can’t it!
What would I do without a dad like you? I never want to find out! I love you, Dad! Merry Christmas!
May Santa grant you the desires of your heart this holiday season. Merry Christmas, Daddy!
Merry Christmas, Dad! For a man that’s been a giver of things, advice, and himself. May you have a marvelous holiday!
Dad, I just love cuddling up with you especially at Christmas. Merry Christmas!
You were my guide either may I was experiencing low… Your affection and patience is my strength. May Lord favor you with joy on this Christmas. Merry Christmas, dad!
Merry Christmas To A Great Dad. Ho ho ho, and pass the eggnog! Dad, you make the season merry and bright.
In my life you are my only happiness, despite everything I recollect that first toy, Dad you are and will always remain the best, I adore you so much father, Wish you a Merry Christmas!
To My Father. You are the reason I believe in miracles. It was your love that demonstrated the way. May your Christmas be filled to overflowing and your year be really splendid. I love you.
To My Father. You are the reason I believe in miracles. It was your love that showed the way. May your Christmas be filled to overflowing and your year be truly bright. I love you.
To My Dad. May you enjoy the comfort of sweet memories and the joy of new beginnings. May peace and love be yours in abundance this holiday season.
Merry Christmas To A Wonderful Dad. Ain’t life a trip? Enjoy the ride. Hope your Christmas is happy and your New Year bright. I love you Dad!
For My Wonderful Dad, Merry Christmas. I hope every part of your holiday season is as special as you are!
Dear Dad, Each holiday season, I get a chance to reflect on how much love, support, and encouragement you’ve shown me, and it reminds me how grateful I am to have you in my life. Merry Christmas!
The best holiday memories are the ones I’ve shared with you, dad. Merry Christmas!


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So at this festival time of Merry Christmas, unwind and take a rest. Have an exquisite Christmas, dad for you deserve the simple best.
Christmas is about family. The simple center of what makes the occasion extraordinary is the adoration that we offer and show to one another. Happy Christmas to you, dad!
You held my hand the first, your love was just the first, every first thought of my life, So, I needed to wish you first, On this occasion today around evening time, Merry Christmas dad!
Merry Christmas to a Wonderful Father! You make the holidays shine brighter with the love you bring into our home and the caring spirit you show to everyone around you. I’m so blessed to have you as my dad.
Dear Dad, Of all the gifts you’ve given me over the years, the greatest one has been your love. Merry Christmas!
You are such a magnificent father who guided me and demonstrated to me the manner in which I will never fail and will do right by you. Merry Christmas to the world’s best dad!
To My Loving dad, May your holiday be as warm as Christmas treats and brimming with important memories! Wishing you hearty Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to My Dear Father! No matter how old I get, or how many miles there are between us,  I’ll always treasure the holiday memories we’ve made and the special bond we’ll always share.
Merry Christmas. To My Dad. Have a holly jolly Christmas and a Happy New Year!
It was a delight that I am your daughter and I simply needed to say that thank you so much for everything. Joyful Christmas and enjoy the holiday, dad.
So caring, so sensitive, so understanding, so stable, your affection, Cannot be found, anywhere around, I love you, Merry Christmas to the world best dad!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Pops! Wishing you love in your heart and warmth in your health, Dad!


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Merry Christmas Dad. Wishing you a cozy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.
Dad, I’m sending you a package that includes 3 important things, a holiday hug, a holiday kiss, and a wish for you to get everything that you dream!
Dad, You inspire me and always have. May your holiday be as magnificent as yours!
Everybody knows somebody that tries their best to be funny .including me. Merry Christmas to my Favorite Jokester!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday, Dad! I wish that you knew how much I appreciate having you in my life. You are a man that is worthy of honor and respect and I’m so happy that you’re my dad!
Merry Christmas to my favorite people on the planet! You’ve raised a wonderful human being, honest and kind, and I am more than grateful for that. May your life be full of happiness, you deserve it like no one else does.
Being your child is like a vacation. Thank you for my amazing childhood and life without care. Blessed to have you by my side each and every day. Merry Christmas, dear parents, love you endlessly!
Cheerful Christmas to My Awesome dad with my love and thank you for your affection, your consideration, and your warm hearts have made my life additional special. May your holiday be loaded up with everything that you deserve!
I have been so lucky to have a father-in-law like you. You fill our lives with happiness. Merry Christmas!
I heard you, Dad. I always hear you. I just don’t let YOU know that I’m listening! It’s just what we kids do! Merry Christmas.

I know money doesn’t grow on trees. It grows in the pockets of dads like you! Got money? Merry Christmas, Dad!
I remember having a cold, red nose that you kissed with such love. I remember having a smile on my face because to me you looked like an angel from above. I am so happy to have you for a Dad. Merry Christmas!
If impersonating Santa is a sign that you love someone, then, I am so totally loved by you! Thanks, Dad! Merry Christmas!
You were my hero then. You are my hero now. You will always be a hero in my heart. Cheers for a very merry Christmas.
I am appreciative to God for gift me with such understanding guardians! I cherish you and dad so much! Wishing you hearty Merry Christmas
Sending adoration and bliss your way, dear dad. Much thanks to you for being always there for me. Hoping that you have a blissful and awesome celebration. Cheerful Merry Christmas.
Dear dad, Wish you an exceptionally glad and cheerful Christmas. I hope you appreciate this day without bounds and I pray to Lord Jesus to always keep you and dad cheerful.
Stay happy is my desire for you, Keep smiling, because you look genuinely lovely, May your time be extremely magnificent, Stay blessed dad, Merry Christmas!


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Christmas was always more fun since I had you and dad as guardians! Those immense smiles that you both flashed constantly made my heart light up! Merry Christmas, dad!
With all the adoration I can marshal this message is sent to the state that I wish you a Merry Christmas In my extremely extraordinary way, So I wish you the joy to last the entire year. I do love you. dad!
Thank you for the love and joy you gave so generously. Our memories of our favorite Christmases are filled with laughter and wonder because you made them so. Thank you to our family. Merry Christmas, Dad.
I have only one Christmas prayer – for my father to be hale, hearty, and strong so that we can take more fishing days together. Happy Christmas, Daddy.
If there was a love-o-meter to measure how much you are loved, it would read “Over and Above”! Merry Christmas, Daddy!
May you get the ultra industrial size gift package from Santa. You deserve it, Dad!
May your Christmas be magnificent, awesome, extraordinary. That’s the type of holiday that you deserve, Dad!
We all know that the man with all the toys is not Santa. It’s you, Dad! Thanks for keeping all the secrets in the bag.
Your dad jokes always take me on a “slay” ride! I’m looking forward to some new ones this Christmas!
Father you went about as Santa to make me happy, You attempted to avoid my struggle, I am honored to have you as my Dad. Joyful Christmas!
The recollections that I have on the occasions that we have shared are valuable presents that I will always treasure amid Christmas and always! We adore you, Dad! Merry Christmas!


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