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Angry Quotes | Angry with Friends Quotes

Angry Quotes


Angry Quotes | Angry with Friends Quotes

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Are you looking for Angry with friends quotes?

If you are currently experiencing anger against a friend and are looking for angry quotes about friends, then you have found the appropriate resource. In this post, I am going to share some of the very greatest angry statuses that have been written in the English language, so make sure you are prepared for it.

By using the angry status, you will be able to more effectively communicate your frustration with others. For your perusal and consideration, we have gathered a compilation of quotes about anger.

Although I am 99% sure that you do not like me, I am 100% sure that it does not bother me in the slightest!!!

Certain events are not only impossible to forget but also impossible to forgive.

Angry Quotes

Yes, life is full of ups and downs, with people coming and going and bad things occurring, but life does indeed go on.

Although I rarely get angry, when I do, it really is true that

Angry Quotes

Never waste your time trying to make other people happy if you know deep down that it isn’t going to work.
I’m not trying to win an argument here; I’m just laying out the facts.

Angry Quotes

To block is to act like a child. I’ll let you see and realise what you’ve lost.

If I could, I would treat others the way they treat me, but that’s not in my character.


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Angry Quotes

I may appear calm, but I’ve already murdered you five times in my mind.

The emotional cost of anger is high. I’d rather not pay any of my vitality on it.

Angry Quotes

When you stopped believing in me, I stopped believing in myself as well.

I lost faith in myself when you did.

Just because I’m silent doesn’t imply I’m upset.

I’m not angry, despite my silence.

Angry Quotes

Our time has run out. Now leave my life.

My life, my decisions. My problems. My errors. My lessons do not need to be disrupted.

Angry Quotes

Not available to those who are busy.

Don’t tell me how to live my life because I already know what works best for me.

I live my life my way; don’t tell me how.

Angry Quotes

I wish I could block your memories like your numbers.

I really wish I could block your memories just like I did your phone numbers.


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