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Check out our collection of Sad Quotes for WhatsApp Status and Sad Quotes images and Status about Life.

These heartbreaking sayings on love and loss will touch your innermost being. Quotes about the sadness that can help you cope with the emotion. As someone once said, “The way misery works is one of the weird paradoxes of the world.” We’ve compiled a list of sad quotes to use as your status update.

When you feel lonely is when you need to be alone the most.
To be happy, you should never depend on other people to make it happen.
The beauty-loving spirit often travels alone.
The past me is definitely not the present me.
I have lost any sense of life.
There are many things in life that I cannot change.
The memory that hurts the most. When I turned and walked away. You didn’t stop me.
My silence said a lot, but you didn’t hear them.
Trying to carry on as if nothing has changed has proven to be an extremely challenging task.
My current state of mind is not positive. I don’t feel down at all. There is nothing special about me.
It’s not the fear of dying that scares me; it’s the fear of not living.
Things like me, that are broken, need to be left alone.
The loudest cry you can make is one of silence.
Why do I continue to be here?
A sudden resurgence of the agony was completely unexpected.
There’s a house where Sadness lives, but no one knows its name because the street is always at night and always empty.
I can’t stand how well you’re doing without me.
When I go out, it’s solely to satisfy my appetite for solitude.
When I’m silent, it’s because I’m in pain too much to speak.
Great minds must inevitably spend their lives alone.

It’s sometimes nicer to be alone since no one can hurt you.
I’ll be okay, but right now I can’t be happy.
When you feel like you’ve failed or that you’ll never get what you want, it’s hard to be happy.
It was as if I were thinking up this sadness, and then it was just pouring out of me like a river.
Everyone feels a deep sense of unhappiness inside them.
I’m trying my best to stay upbeat because that’s what gets me through the day. I’m not sad; I’m just tired. My heart is tired, too.
I don’t need another person to be whole again. I want to find someone that loves me for who I am.
I really just require some quiet time alone.
I will never stop wondering what might have occurred if I had given it a shot, even though the outcome is obvious.


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