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Smart Wish For You | Messages, Best Wishes and Quotes

Smart Wish For You | Messages, Best Wishes and Quotes

Sunita williams quotes


Sunita williams quotes

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Are you looking Sunita williams quotes? We have a collection of top highlighted quotes. It will surely inspire you.

Don’t get bogged down by the notion of limits. There aren’t any.
I didn’t feel like I was a person from the United States, I felt like I was lucky enough to be a person from Earth.
I don’t feel like a hero – just another person involved in the space business. I’m hoping to encourage young folks to become explorers.
There have been failures too. Failures teach you a lot… I had a lot of questions on the way.

We really have the most beautiful planet in our solar system. None other can sustain life as we know it. None other has blue water and white clouds covering colorful landmasses filled with thriving, beautiful, living things like human beings.
My space expedition has changed my perspective towards people. Looking down at the Earth, we could not see borders or people with different nationalities. It was then that realization dawned on us that all of us are a group of human beings and citizens of the universe.
It’s only now that I see the bigger picture: Our ways to attain spirituality may be different – through diverse religions, customs, and traditions – but they’re modeled on similar principles and ideologies. That’s what ties us all together.


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All of us who are flying on international space stations speak some Russian and speak English. Both languages are needed to fly in a Russian spacecraft and communicate with your colleagues.
Mission Control in Houston receives our e-mails through a satellite and then sends them out to our family and friends. Likewise, any e-mails written to us go through Mission Control, and then they send them up to us via a satellite.

Once you get into the spacecraft, you’re on your way, you’ve got a mission, you’re focused, and it’s really exciting.
When you look at the darkest areas in space, you feel that there’s something out there that we don’t know about.
There are millions of stars out there. It is difficult to think that life does not exist in any one of them.
In my space journey, I felt vulnerable because we did not have anyone with a medical background. When we make that big trip to Mars we would need a doctor on board.


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