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Your last day of College/school, while loaded with social communications and festivities, ought to likewise be a period for self-reflection. You’re likely to reflect on how far you’ve come and what conditions you ignored during your time as a pupil that shaped you into the person you are today. Here is a collection of emotional last day of college quotes for you.

If there ever comes a day where we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I will stay there forever.”

If you did not have a healthy relationship with any of your batch mates but still don’t want to miss any of them: “No matter how badly the bond between us might end, know that I will never forget you or the memories we made. Simply because the good outweighed the bad and I am grateful to have met someone like you.”



There is always a group to which you belong to and this is specifically for them: “A memory lasts forever, never does it die, true friends stay together and never say goodbye.”

“The two hardest things to say in life are HELLO for the first time and GOODBYE for the last.”

“No matter How much you hate college, you will miss it when you leave”

Leaving college is the time to find who you really are.
I miss the days in college when my alarm clock would be set in the P.M. Funny how angry I was then, and how funny it is now.

I miss laughing until my stomach hurts. I miss the lakes and I miss my friends. I miss my best friends and the parties we attend or crash. I miss my college days when the world rotates around education.
I miss all my high school friends, I was a loner in college.


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Now I understand why they say the friends you make in college will be your friends for life, I’ve met the best people while in college.
I miss those days when we all were friends… and walking around the college.

You make some of the best friends in college.
Once strangers leave as friends at the end of it.

It’s hard making new friends in college when there’s no one who can even compare to the best friends you already have.
I am very happy for all of my homosexual friends who can freely marry. I’m happy for all my friends in college receiving financial aid.

“Things end. But memories last forever!”
“We rushed to check during the time that we neglected to make the most of the days”

I miss laughing until my stomach hurts. I miss lakes and I miss him. I miss my best friends and parties. I miss who I was.
“Presently I comprehend why they say the companions you make in school will be your companions forever, I’ve met the best individuals here.”

“You will choose the inheritance that you leave”

“Everyone says your school sidekicks will be buddies perpetually yet I undeniably trust it’s your school partners.”
“That I am so lucky to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”

Presently I comprehend why they say the companions you make in school will be your companions forever, I’ve met the best individuals here.

It’s hard making new companions in school when there’s nobody who can even contrast with the closest companions you as of now have.
“I’ll recall this and smile since it was a day by day schedule and I decided to Experience it”
If you love school life, you could go for something like, ‘Last day of school life… I leave with phenomenal buddies and awesome memories to suffer until the end of time.’

If you could have done without it, something like, ‘finally got done with school life! What a comfort! Time to start the magnificent trip called life… ‘
If you have mixed slants, you could endeavor, ‘Gotten done with school life… couldn’t live with it; couldn’t live without it!’

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