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Smart Wish For You | Messages, Best Wishes and Quotes

Smart Wish For You | Messages, Best Wishes and Quotes

Farewell Message to Employee


Farewell Message to Employee

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Whether your employee is leaving the company for retirement, to another job position elsewhere, or for other reasons. Are you looking for the best farewell message to your employee? We have a collection of the best farewell messages for your employee.

Just like a blue whale migrating across the world, it’s your time to move on. I know you will only continue to learn and grow on your journey. I hope you migrate back to us again one day. Farewell and best of luck.
Whenever an employee like you leaves, I feel like a parent who just sent their kid off to college. Equal parts sad and proud. While we may miss you, I know that you’ll go on to do great things and accomplish any goal you set out to conquer. Even though you don’t need it, best of luck!
As a Formula One driver, your career path will take unexpected twists and turns. But after seeing your work here, I know you are poised to adopt. I wish you luck in the challenges you will encounter in your race ahead!
You have set the bar high for everyone else. All the other employees have tried to follow your lead. Whether you realize it or not, you inspire those around you. We are all going to suffer by not having you around anymore, but you have earned the right to thrive in a new environment. Farewell and good luck!

Not everyone makes a lasting mark in their workplace. You have. A hole will be left in the team, and I doubt we will find someone as talented as you to fill it. But I know you are moving on to do more incredible work. Good luck.


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Few people are as reliable, hard-working, and creative as you are. Your absence will be hard to overcome, but I know it’s the best decision for you. Just know that you will be missed here.
I don’t say this to very many people, but you have truly been a pillar of this team. It is going to be very challenging to find someone to fill your role. But I’m excited for your road ahead. If you ever need help along the way, I’ll be here to support you. Farewell, and please keep in touch.
Much like the birds that fly south for the winter, it’s time for you to move on. I wish you nothing but success and hope that, like those birds, you return to us again in the future. Best of luck in your endeavors.
This is a tough goodbye, but I know how driven you are and it’s time for your next challenge. It was a pleasure having you work here, and I hope you reach your future aspirations. If you ever need any guidance along the way, please keep me in mind. I’ll always be happy to help. Farewell for now.
From today onwards I will miss one of my finest employees. Goodbye and all the best for your future endeavors.
Your services were indispensable to our company. I thank you a lot for your services. Goodbye and best of luck.
You had been a valuable employee to us for years. It feels bad to see you leaving us. Anyways I wish that you keep up the excellent performance in your new company. Goodbye.
You were an asset to our company. It will be hard to find your replacement. Goodbye. May all your dreams get fulfilled.
Your memorable journey with our company comes to an end. Now it’s time to part ways but let me tell you that your contributions to this company are worthy of appreciation. Don’t hesitate to contact me in case you need any help. Goodbye.


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I used to ask other employees to follow your style of working and your positive attitude to work. From today onwards that option is no more available to me. Goodbye. Let’s catch up for a dinner tonight.
Your work did the talking for you. You were an amazing employee. Will surely miss you a lot. Come back to us whenever you feel so. Goodbye for now.
Thank you for all your support all these years. I wish you great luck in the future. Farewell!
No matter where you put a star it will always get its way out to shine. You are just like that. Thank you for always giving your best to this company.
Your enthusiastic nature always inspired me. I hope wherever you go, you shine.
I still can’t believe that you are leaving this office. Your efforts and service to this company will always be appreciated. Best of luck with your future.
Farewell is not always sad; I am happy that your dream finally came true. I am so hopeful for your upcoming days. Good luck!
Everything in life has its time. Now it’s time for you to retire and say goodbye to this office and start a new chapter in your life. Thank you for giving the golden years of your life to this company.
You were the mood maker at our office, without you, our life will become boring. We are going to miss you a lot.
Congratulations, on your new job. I knew how much you wanted that job. Losing a hardworking employee like you is a great loss for this company. I wish you Goodluck.
You’ve been nothing but diligent, dedicated, and dependable. It’s going to take a while for us to adapt to you leaving us, as your influence on the team was immense. As you move onto the next stage of your career, remember that you can achieve any goal you set in for yourself. Best of luck.


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I try to think of our team as a bundle of sticks. Alone we can easily be snapped, but together we are strong. Thank you for being an important part of this team. I started to feel a bit blue about you leaving, but I am actually happy for you because I know there is incredible greatness in your future. Go kick a** and take no prisoners.
You are a boss’s dream employee. I always knew you would complete your work to the highest standard with minimal supervision. I’m not going to miss you making me look good. Your new manager is lucky. I know you will be their all-star employee. Farewell.

I was hoping the day I had to say goodbye was not going to come. You’ve been working with us for so long that you’ve become an institution. We will never be able to fill your shoes. I wish you only the best in the future. Goodbye and best of luck.
Your constant professionalism and can-do attitude will be sorely missed. If every employee was like you, I would be out of a job. The next part of your career is going to have new obstacles for you to overcome. I’m positive you’ll succeed. We’ll miss you. Goodbye.
Your drive and passion are like a hurricane. They are so powerful they too can be seen from space. You’ve been an integral part of our success, and it’s hard to see it come to an end. But I know you have greatness in your future. Farewell and good luck on the journey!
We were so lucky to have you as an employee because you put so much effort and dedication into your work. Thank you for working so hard all these years for the best interest of this company.
You were always so passionate in everything you did. Now that you have found the path to fulfill your dreams, I am giving you my endless support and blessing. I wish you nothing but success.
You were one of the most hard-working employees in this company. I have always admired your dedication to work. Thank you for your excellent service. Best of luck.
You are one of the very first employees of this office. You have dedicated your day and night for the success of this company. I will always be grateful to you.


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